This photo was taken at the Jellies Exhibit in Shedd Aquarium.

This is my first photography project. I didn’t really know that aquarium photography can be quite challenging. The place was packed, dark, and the aquarium glasses were dirty. It took me a while to figure out my settings (about an hour and a half) before I settled using the TV mode, with shutter speed at 1/60 and ISO 800. But, for a shutterbug newbie, I think I did okay. I’m going back there next year and see if I can do better.

The Jellies Exhibit is overrated though. There weren’t enough Jellyfish and the price was too steep ($35).

Anyways, you can check out the rest of my shots here.

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2 thoughts on “Jellies

  1. gillboard says:

    you’re back!!! you got a great shot there. can’t wait to see more. and read more about your lovelife skron (or lack thereof). did not expect to read what you wrote on your first post. 😀

    what’s your take on Deus Ex?

  2. Skron says:

    Thanks, Gill.

    What’s my take on Deus Ex? It’s still the Deus of Games. I just finished it and I’m working a review right now.

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