Version 3.0

When I started blogging in 2005, I only had two objectives in mind: a) to improve my writing; and b) to share what I know about pop culture. Both of which, I’m proud to say, I have achieved.

I wouldn’t, however, claim that blogging has turned me into a wordsmith or that I’ve illuminated people with my game and book reviews. But I’m certain that I’m a better writer now than I was 6 years ago and that I’ve convinced a handful of people to play games and read books that they would’ve otherwise skipped.

I admit, compared to other bloggers, it’s not much of an achievement. But when someone tells me that they will check out the book I’ve reviewed and then come back a few weeks later with a comment that they liked the book…It just makes me feel so accomplished. That’s the reason why I couldn’t stay away from the blogosphere.

So, with that said, two months after quitting the blogosphere, I’ve started a new blog (again!). Skron 3.0.

This will be the third blog under my pseudonym, Skron. Much like the blogs that came before it (Radioactive Culture and The Frugal Nerd), Skron 3.0 will also focus on pop culture geekery and my cheapskatiness.

The difference between this blog and my two former blogs is that this will also be a photoblog. I recently bought a DSLR (a Canon T3). I don’t know how to use it yet. But I want to get better at it. So, I’m going to use this blog to improve my photography, just like I did to improve my writing.

In addition, this blog will also be much more personal (hence the egocentric title of the blog). I will talk just about anything in here about my life –including my love life or the lack of it. Because, like what my fellow blogger Daredevilry said, confessions are cathartic.

2 thoughts on “Version 3.0

  1. nice! special mention. and i love the template you used. plus you’ve got your own domain.

  2. Skron says:

    At first, I actually couldn’t remember where I saw the “confessions are cathartic” tagline.

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