As a guy who have plenty of hobbies and things to do, indecision always plague me every Tuesday (which is my regular day off).

For the past couple of years, after I wake up around 8 AM, I usually find myself arguing with myself on how to spend my day. This phase goes on for about 2-3 hours before I could reach a decision.

But, last night, after I saw a lottery being drawn on TV, an idea to raffle my Tuesday activities got into me.

So, instead of arguing with myself when I woke up this morning, I wrote the things that I wanted to do today on 20 scraps of paper and threw them in a can. Of course, since some activities were more important than the others, I made duplicates to increase the chances of drawing them. Here’s what I wrote on the raffle tickets:

  • 5 Photography Practice
  • 4 Guitar Practice
  • 4 Read Book
  • 2 Read Graphic Novel
  • 2 Play Game
  • 2 Watch Movie
  • 1 Clean Room

My first draw was “Read Graphic Novel”, and that’s exactly what I did the whole day. I was able to finish Mouse Guard: Winter and I’m half way through with JM Straczynski’s Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2, which means this idea of mine is actually working.

That’s one activity down, 19 more to go. When I’m done with this batch of activities, I’ll probably add something more bold. Like “Do Photowalk” or “Bungee Jump”.

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