Dead Island

When I checked my e-mail this morning, I was surprised that I got a message from Steam, telling me that I have received a birthday gift that needs to be activated. The gift was a game called Dead Island, and it was from my friend Emer.

Emer is the manager of our hospital’s rehab services. Which means he’s a big shot (and that most of the prettiest girls in our hospital are under him). I knew Emer before I even met him. People at work would always ask me if I’m his cousin.

Then, last year, when I finally met him, I understood why people think we’re related. We look alike. Of course, I’m younger, funnier and a bit more handsome than he is. The only advantage he has of me is his rank and he drives an Audi. Like me, he also like zombies, comics and games. So, we became fast friends.

I really appreciate him giving me Dead Island. But his gift sucks. I’m not liking this game at all. The graphics is nice but the controls aren’t PC friendly, and the movement feels bulky.

Right now, this game goes straight into my back logs. But I’ll definitely give it another try once I get Deus Ex: Human Revolution off my bloodstream.


One thought on “Dead Island

  1. Jay says:

    All of a sudden, I miss my gaming endeavors.

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