Burning Sky

I was talking to my photographer friend over Facebook chat, just this afternoon, and told him about my new telephoto lens. Then, he gave me two projects to do: (1) night time photography in Chicago; and (2) HDR photography.

I told him that I won’t be able to do some night time photography anytime soon, and haven’t had a clue what an HDR photography is. So, he explained HDR photography to me for the next 20 minutes, not leaving any of the technical details. But, surprisingly, I understood.

In layman’s terms, HDR photography is combining different images with different exposures to achieve a much wider range of tones in a single image.

Excited, I grabbed my camera and went outside to try it out. Here’s the final image of what I took:

Admittedly, it’s nowhere near as good as other HDR photography out there. But this is just a test shot, and I didn’t edit anything. I merely combined 3 images with different exposures (the thumbnails below the shot) using Picturenaut 3 (which is a free HDR software).

I love this technique though. So, I will probably dabble more into it.

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2 thoughts on “Burning Sky

  1. M says:

    so that’s the meaning of HDR! haha! nice photo though. 🙂

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