I think many would agree with me when I say that the first half of the nineties were the best years in music.

We had a lot of influential albums released during those years. Nirvana’s Nevermind, which kicked hair metal into obscurity, and Metallica’s Black Album, which put metal into the mainstream, are but a few examples.

At the same time, Pinoy Rock (aka Filipino Rock) also experienced a resurgence. We saw the birth of many, great Filipino talents like The Eraserheads, Wolfgang and Yano. But, to me, one band stood amongst all of them. It was Razorback.

One thing I love about Razorback is that they sing songs about what I love: geeky things and getting drunk.

Their first album, Hebigat Sounds (a portmanteau of heavy and bigat –which means heavy in Tagalog), is all about drinking, getting stoned and falling in love with fictional characters. Beggar’s Moon, their sophomore work, are filled with songs inspired by fantasy books written by JRR Tolkien and David Eddings. Star, their third, is more of the same good stuff.

I didn’t love them just for their lyrics, of course. I also love their heavy blues sounds, and these guys can play. At that time, they probably had the best bassist (Louie Talan) and guitarists (David Aguirre and Tirso Ripoll) in Pinoy Music. They’re also one of the few bands who continued to play live even though we Ilonggos (people from Iloilo, a city where I came from) kept throwing stones at them (because the crowd was growing wild!).

Unfortunately, when I migrated to the U.S., I wasn’t able to listen to their music anymore. Besides Beggar’s Moon, I only had tapes of Hebigat Sounds and Star, and I didn’t own a cassette player. So, eventually, I lost all of their albums…or so I thought.

When I rummaged through boxes of toys the other day, I found my Beggar’s Moon CD. I was flabbergasted when I saw it tucked between my action figures. This also lead me to search for Razorback mp3’s online. That’s when I found out that Hebigat Sounds is available on iTunes! The album cost me $12. It’s a bit steep but it’s worth it!

Anyways, here’s my favorite Razorback song: “My Banyo Song” (My Bathroom Song). It’s about things that you do in the bathroom. Either taking a dump or masturbating. It’s a fun song, and the riff is pretty awesome too.

“My Banyo Song” by Razorback

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5 thoughts on “Razorback

  1. rah says:

    I agree. Nirvana revolutionized music. Grunge rock was its peak. Everyone wants to start a band.

    Locally I was a big fan of Wolfgang.

    But now, rock is dead.

    • Skron says:

      I was a Wolfgang fan, at first. My respect for them went down when they did a concert in Iloilo and they left after their 5th song because we started throwing stones at them. We didn’t hate them. We were just having fun.

      Razorback, Cheese and Greyhoundz. We started throwing stones at them too. But they didn’t leave. They enjoyed it.

      Rock is not dead. Perhaps not as alive as it was back in the early ’90’s. But it’s not dead. It’s just dead to you.

  2. M says:

    ditto! 90’s was the era of best musics that’s why i don’t fail to listen on RX’s Riot Wednesday (i’m not sure if you know this hehe).

    i grew up with the songs of Eraserheads and still have on my mp3 player.

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