24 Shots

As a man of many hobbies, I usually raffle my activities on Tuesday. Today, I finally drew a stub for Photography.

Since I really didn’t have any idea on what to shoot, I decided to check out Digital Photography School and read some topics there.

I’ve read plenty of great tips on that site. But one topic on “how to kick start your photography” caught my fancy. So, I took the challenge and went out with my camera.

I did tweak some of its rules though. Because I only took 24 shots instead of 36. But I followed all the rest. I stuck with one focal length, took exactly 24 shots (no bursting), didn’t review my shots afterwards, used manual focus and also stuck with one aperture. So, the results were crappy pictures. Well, most of them.

Anyways, here are the rest of my shots, which were taken using my Sigma 50-200mm at 100mm focal length and f/5.6.

Needless to say, this challenge told me that I have a long way to go. I still suck at photography. So, I really need to practice more.

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3 thoughts on “24 Shots

  1. M says:

    i like the first photo.

  2. xion says:

    i love the first row. esp the third one.

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