Needs, Wants

My birthday is done and Christmas is still a few months away. But here I am writing another list of things that I want.

Although this is not just another wishlist. Because these are the things that I really want to have and do, and I will do everything that is humanly possible to get them.

1. Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 Prime Lens
I’ve been reading a lot about prime lenses lately. Frankly because I don’t know why people use them. But, after a couple of articles, I found out that a lot of photographers swears by them because of their speed and image quality. Some would even go so far to say that if you haven’t shot with a prime lens, then you haven’t really lived. So, I’m gonna dip my hand into this and get a prime lens as well.

2. Tell Me More Japanese Software
I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese. So, a couple months ago, I bought a language learning software, Human Japanese, to learn it. The software is actually great (and cheap too!). But it doesn’t have a conversation practice tool where you could actually talk to a virtual person like the Rosetta Stone. But since Rosetta Stone cost like $400, I’m just gonna settle with Tell Me More instead.

3. Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens
It’s obvious now that photography has become my main hobby. So, I’m gonna invest in one more lens, the all around lens that’s perfect for traveling and walking around. This zoom lens is the fastest and cheapest that I can find, and should do the trick.

4. Trip to Japan
I don’t have a wanderlust in me, one thing that I don’t share with my father and grandfather, who both have been into a lot of countries. But I’ve always want to visit Japan. Why? Because Miyamoto Musashi and the 47 Ronin of Ako are my heroes, and I want to visit their graves. If my savings goes well, I could go there in Spring 2013.

5. A Bachelor’s Degree
I didn’t really mind having just an Associate’s Degree before. But falling in love with a girl who has earned a Master’s Degree at 24 really flushed my self-esteem down into the shitter. So, I’m gonna work hard now, save a lot. Then take some classes sometime next year. I’m still undecided right now though. But I’m hoping to get into tech or medical field.

All these things clearly require loads of money. Especially the trip and school. So, these are the things I’m planning to do in order to get them:

  • Save, and then save some more.
  • Pick up extra hours at work.
  • Cut down entertainment budget (less books, music, games, movies).
  • Sell my collected toys and comics on eBay.

Besides finishing my Bachelor’s Degree, I intend to own and do all these things by 2013. These are my goals right now, nothing else matters.

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