Darth Candle

In preparation for my upcoming Project 365 for 2012, I’ve decided to bring my camera along with me everywhere. Yes, everywhere –work, play, bar, strip club (actually you can’t bring SLRs in here), you name it. Today, I took my camera with me in a mall.

I’m a coward at taking pictures in places where people don’t normally take pictures. Taking a stroll in downtown Chicago and snapping pictures at anyone is fine. They’ll just think I’m a pervy Asian tourist. But bringing an SLR to a suburban mall is just unnerving. There were people and things that I want to take photos of but didn’t because I felt weird.

I didn’t go empty handed though. Because, luckily, there was this kiosk that sold candles. I just bought one candle and asked the guy if I can take photos of his booth.

  He had a lot of pretty cool, nerdy candles. Dragons, skulls, Homer Simpsons and some gargoyles. All of them were only $5.

Here’s what I bought for myself:

It’s a pretty awesome candle, yeah?

Unfortunately, my manual focus still sucks. I still need a lot of improvement on that one. Also, I’ll still keep bringing my camera everywhere and build up that confidence to take photos of anyone, anywhere.

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