Bag of Comics #3

Comics take up a small fraction of my life now. Years ago, I was spending more than $100 each month on comics. Now, since I’m only following 10 series, I spend less than $30 a month. In order to save more money, I ship all my comic book orders at the end of the month. The picture above are the comic books that were released in October.

Since I’m too lazy to write a full review of all the comic books I just read, I’m gonna do a quickie of the top 3 that I liked the most instead. These are my top 3:

1. The Walking Dead #90
Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for: Rick and Andrea! I’ve noticed since Dale died that these two were having a lot of moments together. So, I had a feeling that these two are heading on that direction. Now that they’re a couple, they’d be really formidable.

2. Wolverine and the X-men #1
I really love this issue because it’s nice to see Wolverine out of his element (and also the fact that DCBS sent me a blank variant at the cost of a regular copy. When I get the chance and money, I should commission Dodson or Cho to draw Kitty Pride on the cover) . He’s the best there is of what he does, and what he does is killing. But, now, he’s a headmaster of a mutant school. I’m really excited to see where this title is going.

3. Uncanny X-Force #16
The Dark Angel Saga has proven to be my favorite story arcs this year. It’s grim, brutal, crazy and funny as hell. I mean, Deadpool charging Sinister Iceman, to his death, while singing Kellis’ “Milkshake” (one of my hated songs). That made me laugh. Also, Fantomex and Deadpool should have their own title. These two have chemistry, and their dialogues are always priceless.

Speaking of priceless dialogues, Avengers #18 featured an awesome strip of Wong and Jarvis. This strip, the meeting of both servants made me laugh so hard that I rolled on all my comics and damaged them. Here’s the strip:

Well, those are my top 3 comics for the month of October. If I may ask, what were your top 3 issues last month?

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One thought on “Bag of Comics #3

  1. gillboard says:

    have yet to pick up my comic books. that’s 2 months worth.

    but i’m digging…

    Uncanny X-Force 16
    Wolverine and the X-Men 1

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