Top Cow’s Pilot Season 2011

The one comic book event that I really look forward to each year is Top Cow’s Pilot Season. Yes, I like Top Cow’s event more than Marvel’s or DC’s. Because, unlike other publishers, whose events are just fluff to keep their books from going stale, the Pilot Season puts comic book fans in control.

To the uninitiated, the Pilot Season is when Top Cow releases a series of one-shot titles. Then, fans get to vote on their favorite titles. Whichever title gets the most vote becomes an ongoing series. Think of it as an American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, except its for comic books. The one-shot title that garners a lot of votes, gets to stay.

This year’s Pilot Season is probably the hardest for me. Because, out of all the eight entries, I only didn’t like two. That still leaves me with six titles to choose from. Luckily, you can vote for as many titles as you want, as many times as you want. But since only the top four titles will move to the semi-finals, I’ll only cast my vote on four titles, at least once a day on each.

So, here are those top 4.

#4. Anonymous
This book reminds me a lot of The Punisher. Because the main character, Walsh, is also an ex-Special Forces solider turned vigilante. But, unlike The Punisher and other vigilantes, Walsh is on a quest for redemption, not revenge. I pretty much want to see more of Walsh’s exploits and kick-assery.


#3. Theory of Everything
This title reminds me a lot of Fringesince it’s also about a team who deals with parallel universes and reality jumpers. But what I really love about it is its main character, a scientist who accidentally killed his wife, and his mission to hop on different realities just to see the living iterations of his dead wife.


#2. The Test
After reading the first issue, I just want more, to know what will happen next. The story is about a group of people, waking up with amnesia inside an enclosed area and without any idea of what’s going on, except that they’re tasked to repopulate Earth. This book have mystery, and also a very stunning artwork. I really want this to win.

#1. The Beauty
This book’s premise is an interesting one, which is about a sexually transmitted disease that makes people look pretty, and also causes spontaneous human combustion. I never really had a problem picking up The Beauty as my #1 for this year’s Pilot Season. It’s already a clear winner. The writing, the characters, the concept of the story, the artwork. It has everything. If this one wins, it will go straight to my pull list.

These are four of the titles that I want to win. So, be a doll and help me out. Go HERE and vote for these titles. If any of them wins, I’m good. Although I wish that Top Cow would pick more than one winner in the future.

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