The Pros of E-Readers

I’ve been using Kindle for a year now, and I’m loving it ever since.

Although, at first, like many avid readers, I didn’t get the point of owning an eReader as much as an iPod. Because, unlike music, you don’t really need to carry your library of books with you. But, as time went by, my collection of books grew. It grew to the point that I ran out of space for them. Hence, I stopped buying physical books and got an eReader instead (actually, it was given to me last Christmas).

While I don’t consider it the be-all and end-all way of reading books, an eReader definitely have its pros compared to their paper counterparts. Here are some of them, in my opinion:

#5. It has a built in dictionary.
Earlier this year, I read The Last Man by Mary Shelley. There are tons of words in that book that isn’t in my vocabulary. Luckily, Kindle has a built in dictionary. If you don’t know the word, just highlight it and its definition will pop up at the bottom of the screen. It really saves you time from putting your book down and switching to a dictionary.

#4. It’s lightweight.
Kindle is as light as a mass market paperback (or even lighter than one), which allows me to read with one hand. So, I wish I had this when I read tome-like books such as 2666 by Roberto Bolano or The Anathem by Neal Stephenson. Also wish I had this back in college, when I used to carry three heavy and hardbound books, and when I moved out with four large boxes of hardcover books.

#3. Convenient.
You can buy books online in the middle of the night, wearing your pajamas. No more driving to the brick and mortar store, wasting gas, only to find out they don’t have stock of the book you wanted. No more shipping fees and anxiously waiting for the your books to arrive on your doorstep only to find out they’ve been turned into raccoon food.

#2. eBooks are cheaper, even free.
I’m a frugalist. So, one of the reasons why I bought an eReader is because eBooks are $2-$3 cheaper than a physical book. Then, sometimes there are some indie publisher/writer, like Nick Cole, who’ll put their books on sale for under a $1. Amazon also have a lot of free eBooks for your Kindle. If you’re an Amazon prime member, they also have a digital lending library where you can borrow a book at a time.

#1. It saves me space.
I always wanted to have a library full of hardcover books. But I don’t own a house yet, and I only rent a small room. So, as my books grew in numbers, I ran out of space for them. About a hundred of them are still littered on my floor for over a year now, gathering dust. So, that’s why I switched to eBooks. No more worrying where to shelf a book, and no more dusting.

So, these are the pros of owning an eReader. I know there are people who won’t switch to eReaders, who still prefers paper. There’s nothing wrong with that. Paper books are cool. I still buy hard copies from time to time, when they’re on sale and cheaper than their digital versions. But, before you old school readers bash eReaders, try using it for a month first.

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2 thoughts on “The Pros of E-Readers

  1. I’m a half-hearted ebook reader adapter. I still buy a lot of physical books.

    • Skron says:

      I still buy hard copies. But only when its cheap. I just actually finished reading a physical book, and the experience is a bit different. Better. But, in the end, we’ll only remember the context of the book, not how we read it.

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