Christmas at the Movies

I don’t know why but movies are even more magical to me during the holidays. So, ever since I was a kid, I always celebrate Christmas at home with a movie marathon. Most of the time I’d do it with my family, sometimes with my friends, and sometimes just by myself. I’d usually start around noon and finish by midnight.

Today, however, after so many years (I’d say 16 years), I didn’t spend the Christmas the way I used to. I broke my own tradition.

Around 10 this morning, while I was getting ready to watch some of my favorite holiday movies, like Home Alone, Jingle All The Way, and The Lord of the Rings, I received a call from “the girl” asking me if I wanted to catch a flick with her. Apparently, her boyfriend went home for Christmas. Her friends and siblings are also not available for a movie date. So, as her last resort, and probably knowing that I would go with her, she called me. I said “Yes”, instantaneously.

On my commute to the theater, I started to dread the movie date. Because: (a) what we’re doing might fall into the category of cheating; and (b) what if she chose to watch Breaking Dawn? But, to my relief, she wanted to see War Horse. As for my former concern, I think I’m honorable enough not to steal another man’s girl. I also know that, even though she likes me, she still loves him. So, no cheating. Just a friendly date.


As for War Horse, we both liked the movie. It’s an epic historical drama. A film perfect for the holidays. What I liked about the movie is that it displayed WWI in multiple viewpoints. It showcased the lives of English, German, and French, soldiers and citizens, in various episodes as Joey (aka War Horse) is passed on from owner to different owner. The film is also unbiased, it showed that there are both good and evil men in both sides of the conflict.

We got out War Horse past 2:30pm, too early to go home and less than 45 minutes before the next showing of Hugo starts. Since I wanted to watch Hugo, I asked her if she wanted to watch it with me. She did. So, I bought us tickets, another round of drinks and hot dogs, and we were off to see our second movie.


Hugo, I loved even more. In fact, it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. This film caught me by surprise. I only wanted to see it because of the steampunk elements that I’ve seen in the trailers. But its story is really about the invention of movies and also a tribute to the film-maker pioneer, Georges Meilies, who made Trip to the Moon (one of the first sci-fi films that is now considered by many as steampunk). This is probably the most, if not the only, magical historical film that I’ve seen.

It was almost 6 when we separated ways and, on the way home, I realized that this was the most unusual Christmas I’ve ever had. I was in love. I didn’t do a movie marathon at home. I spent almost 6 hours with the girl I like, and watched two great movies with her. Yeah, she’s not my girl, she might never become my girl. But, as of this moment, this is the best Christmas. Ever.

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