The Christmas Loot

There’s nothing I wanted more this Christmas than having Her. But, since she and I can’t be together, knowing that she likes me is enough to keep me going. Plus, the digital $25 Amazon Gift Card that she sent me last night, with her picture on it and a personal message (that I will not share because it’s for me alone), also helped me from feeling blue this Christmas.

So, what did I get using that gift card? Five $5 mp3 albums from Amazon:

  1. Worship Music by Anthrax
  2. The Head and the Heart’s debut album
  3. Leveler by August Burns Red
  4. A Path of Totality by Tombs
  5. Empros by Russian Circles

I like most of them. Especially Leveler by August Burns Red. For some reason, I couldn’t get into Path of Totality by Tombs. It’s just too brutal for me, I guess.

“Empire” by August Burns Red

As for my other gifts, I got an external flash for my camera (Canon Speedlite 270EXII) from my sister. I actually never wanted an external flash. But she heard me complain that I hated the built in flash of my camera. So she bought me one. The graphic novel, Habibi, is from my cousin, whom I haven’t seen for a while. He knows I’m a big fan of Blankets so he thought that I might like this and bought it. Lastly, The Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Extended Edition is from my aunts in New York. I’m gonna do a LotR marathon sometime this week.

From my parents, well I told them I wanted a camera bag. So, I knew what I was getting. I just didn’t know it’s going to be a pricey Tenba messenger bag. I like it. Because It can hold a camera, 2-3 lenses and a lot of other knick-knacks. It also has a lot of other compartments, including one for a laptop, cellphones and some pens. This will be really ideal for events like a comic-con or school. In addition, they also threw in a Benro tripod. So, now, I can probably take some good HDR photos.

Overall, I got some pretty good loot this Christmas. But I wish I had the time to attend some Christmas Parties though. This year, I only went to one. Well, at least my alcohol consumption is down a little bit. What about you guys? How was your Christmas this year?

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