Do More, Not Less in 2012

I suck at keeping my resolutions. Last year, in my other blog, I challenged 2011 by creating a bunch of impossible things that I wanted to achieve. I failed miserably at that. I’m still going to write my resolutions for 2012 though. But, this time, I’m not gonna dwell on specifics. I’m just going to try to do more. Also, I now know that you can’t do it all. So, there are some things that I will be doing less of.

More Creative, Less Geeky
I’m a pop-culture geek. I can’t change that because it is encoded on my DNA. But, back then, before I migrated here in the U.S., I was also an artsy fartsy dude. So, this 2012, I’m going to reconnect to my old self and focus on Photography, take a lot of pictures and learn how to edit. I’ll also start a project 365 and commit to it.

My cousin in London, my best friend in British Columbia and an acquaintance in California also started a –what they dubbed as– “Skype Rock Band”. Basically, they’re talking about their musical ideas on Skype, record those ideas individually, swap those recorded tracks on e-mail and make a song out of it. It’s sounds so awesome. So, I told them I want in.

So, Photography, Guitar and Audio Recording will be my main thing in 2012. I’ll still play video games, read comics and attend geeky conventions. But not as much as I usually do.

More Exercise, Less Weight
I’m not the guy who cares about his looks. But when I started biking last Summer, and lost almost 10 pounds, a lot of people were giving me compliments. I kinda liked it. So, I’m gonna exercise some more this year. Do an hour and a half of push ups, sit ups and biking during my days off before I do anything else.

More Sleep, Less Caffeine
I usually sleep for 5-4 hours during work days. Since I work from 7 am to 7 pm, I’d be dead tired at around 1 PM if I don’t drink any coffee. When I’m off, I sleep for 10-12 hours and don’t get anything done. So, I’m gonna get some more regular sleep this year (at least 7-8 hours), and fend off the caffeine. My plan is to be on bed by 10 PM at work nights and wake up at 5 AM, and 11 PM on off nights and wake up at 7 AM.

More Reading, Less Watching
This year, I’ve only read 11 books. It was better than last year. But that’s not good enough for me. So, this year, I’m gonna put more time into reading and less time into watching TV, anime, movies, porn and streaming from Netflix. Like I said, I don’t want to get into specifics. But I want to outdo the number of books (13 books) I’ve read in 2008.

In addition to fiction and non-fiction books, I’ll also read some instructional books. Mainly books about photography, photo-editing and home audio recording.

More Blogging
I had 67 posts from September to December last year. I’m so pleased with myself right now. So, I’m gonna try and triple that number this year.


One thought on “Do More, Not Less in 2012

  1. gillboard says:

    i need to do all the things on your list as well this year.

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