The Cherry on Top of 2011: A Retrospect

2011 was a bit weird for me. But a good kind of weird.

The year started out with me salivating over the then upcoming MMO, RIFT: Planes of Telara. From January until the end of June, I did nothing but play RIFT for hours upon hours. I participated in hours long dungeon raids. I killed more than 10,000 players in PvP instances. I even alpha and beta tested the game two months prior to its release. I had plenty of fun playing RIFT, and I thought it would never end.

Then, all of sudden, a girl happened. I fell in love.

The thing about me is that I rarely let myself fall in love. But, when I do, I fall hard. Real hard. In my 30 years, I’ve only fallen in love twice. The first time it happened, I was only 14. The girl was lovely and intelligent (she became a news anchor at 23). She also had a line of suitors. So, for 5 years, I waited in line before I held her. In those 5 years, filled with positivity and inspiration, I distracted myself. I learned to play the guitar. I formed a band. I started reading. I started writing and even contributed articles on a zine. This might sound cheesy but love, unrequited love, made me a better person.

The same thing is happening to me now. This love is filling me with positivity and inspiration, the way it did 17 years ago. So, wanting some productive distractions, I stopped playing RIFT and impulsively bought a DSLR last July. This was the time when I started venturing into photography and took it as a serious hobby. 6 months have already passed, and I’m still not good with my camera. But I’m learning, slowly progressing. I now know a bit about ISO, shutter speeds and apertures. My camera gear is also growing. I now own two lenses, a tripod and an external flash. I hope that by 2016, I’d be nearly as good as the photobloggers at DPS.

December, almost a month ago, was when my crush told me that she likes me too, and that she’s also in love with someone. I wanted to quit on her. But, then, a few weeks later, I spent the whole Christmas with her, and we saw Hugo and War Horse at the movies. At this point, I’ve surmised that she wants to keep me as her back up. Call me a fool, but I’ve also decided that I would wait: for her to get married or break up; or for me to fall in love with another.

December was also the time when my cousin in London and my friend in British Colombia hatched the “Skype Rock Band” project. It’s a project where they will combine their music ideas and swap recorded tracks over the internet, and make songs out of it. Since they didn’t have a guitarist yet, I wanted in. Knowing that my bedroom musician rig can’t quite make it, I bought this:

It’s a Schecter Damien Special. I bought it for $250 at Amazon, which is a steal because it originally costs more than $500. This is my third guitar, and my best guitar so far. The fretboard is so comfortable, and the EMG 81/85 active pickups produces varieties of sounds to fit all styles. I’m really enjoying this guitar, and I’m having a hard time putting her down. I named her Cherry. But not because of her kick-ass cherry finish, but also because this is the last item I bought last year. She’s the cherry on top of 2011.

Like I said, 2011 was weird for me. But only because it wasn’t filled with the usual: games, comics and my other geeky obsessions. Instead, I fell in love, I picked up photography and played the guitar again. I kinda like these new things that are happening to me. So, I hope 2012 will also be good, or even a better, to me.

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10 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top of 2011: A Retrospect

  1. PM says:

    i love this post skron. it is honest, raw, almost sexy. i can only shake my head after reading the way you fall in love. i’m not sure whether me shaking my head is a positive or a negative thing, but you should know i am doing it with a smile. to me you sound like an incredibly passionate person. good luck with the second love of your life and may you have a blast this coming year.

  2. Bing says:

    “Then, all of sudden, a girl happened. I fell in love.’ Nice line.

    It always feels good falling in love. ‘Ika nga ni Ralph Waldo Emerson “Thou art to me a delicious torment”. Though not reciprocated, the feeling will always be delicious. 🙂

    Bloghopped from PM.

    • Skron says:

      She is that, a delicious torment.

      Although, what I have right now couldn’t be called as unrequited love. She likes me too. We just can’t be together because she’s already in love with someone. I guess this is what others would call “complicated”.

  3. gillboard says:

    if you could only see your comments in my blog, i’d say you’ve grown up. 😛

    • Skron says:

      What were my comments in your blog?

      I’ve grown up a long time ago Gill. I just got lost in escapism. Now, I’ve escaped from escapism.

  4. Life seemed to have turned to new things, after falling in love.

    • Skron says:

      Seems that way. I don’t know. But ever since I saw that girl smile, I’ve always wanted to do things with tangible results. I want to create something and dedicate it to her.

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