Project 366

Like I’ve said a few posts ago, I’ll focus a lot on photography this 2012. So, besides my usual photography posts and my Wordless Wednesday feature–which will now include game screenshots– I’ve also started a Project 365 (or 366, since 2012 is a leap year) blog.

The blog is entitled Skron 366. Yes, I know, its title is egocentric as well. But, who cares?

I started this blog on Jan. 1, the first day of 2012. As of now, I’ve posted 9 pictures already. Most of which are just mundane photos and horrible shots. A few (just two, actually) are good shots. I haven’t posted any epic shots. But, I promise, you’ll see at least one great picture by the end of this year.

This will be my 2nd attempt doing a project 365. Last year, I did one using Tumblr. But I got lazy at taking pictures after the game RIFT came out. So, it fell apart.

But this year, I assure you that I’ll see this through. I got a good camera now and read a lot of good tips from successful 365’ers.

So, please visit the site when you can.


One thought on “Project 366

  1. PM says:

    good luck on your venture! i saw your shots. ganda. 🙂 it’s nice to see people juggle many passions. that’s cool.

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