In my pseudo-resolutions post, I’ve said that I will exercise more this year. Especially biking. But since it’s winter here, biking is a bit impossible right now. It’s too cold, it’s too slippery and bikes don’t really run on snow. My solution is to get a stationary exercise bike. Which isn’t an option right now. I’ve yet to pay my guitar and other holiday debts. So, I’m trying to avoid big purchases like this.

But I was in luck. When I visited my cousin last week (whom I haven’t seen since 2009), I saw a recumbent exercise bike in his garage just gathering dust. He told me that it was broken. He also offered it to me if I can fix it. So, I tried and found out that the bike itself isn’t broken. The problem was with its adapter, a tiny split wire, which I easily fixed. The bike was as good as mine, and I came to pick it up this morning.

This model is a bit older. It doesn’t have a console that can play mp3s or display an ebook. But it does what it’s meant to do–burn calories. I love it because it has 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and programs that simulates climbing hills. I tried program 3, which simulates going up and down 3 hills, for an hour and burnt 500 calories. It’s amazing.

Now that I have this bike, I need to make some time for it. I’m planning to ride it 4 times a week, during my off-days, for at least an hour (or 500 calories). I also won’t do anything else before riding this bike. So, this is the first thing I’ll be doing after I wake up.

Also, since the bike is in front of the tube, I’ll also make use of my time and keep my biking sessions more entertaining by watching movies or TV shows. So, there, not only I’m burning calories, I’ve also freed up more time to do other things than watching TV or flicks while biking.

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One thought on “Bike

  1. PM says:

    good luck with exercising. it’s a bitch but it’s worth it. šŸ™‚

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