The Internet Wins

I’ve read and re-read Farenheit 451 a hundred times to know that a government sponsored-censorship is really bad. So, when I’ve heard about this SOPA and PIPA act, which were summed up by its opponents and people who live online as internet censorship, I was a bit alarmed. Only a bit because I didn’t do anything.

But, yesterday, I was surprised to see that 3 of the 4 websites that I visit the first thing I wake up were showing their anti-SOPA support. Wired, where I get all my geeky news, had its news page blacked out. WordPress, also had its freshly pressed page blacked out. But Wikipedia’s move has the most impact on me.

Wikipedia has been my homepage since 2005. I just like to learn random information from the site every time I log on the net. Yesterday, however, the site was just black and I gained no random information. But the site left a useful tool on how to contact your state representative so you can add your voice to the anti-SOPA camp. So, that’s what I did, call my senator, Dick Durbin, and begged them to withdraw their support. It wasn’t easy though. I have to call several times before someone took my call.

Then late last night, I read an article from USA Today, stating that the support for SOPA has waned:

Members of Congress faced a barrage of concerned and sometimes angry calls and e-mails from constituents made aware of the protests when they sat down at their computers.

I felt accomplished.

So, that’s 1 point for the Internet and 0 for SOPA. But we’ve only won a battle. There’s still a war to be fought.

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One thought on “The Internet Wins

  1. Yes, a war is waging to censor the internet. It continues on.

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