Selling Comics

I’ve been decluttering my room for almost a week now, cleaning out one drawer or storage at a time. Today, my decluttering frenzy has finally reached my comic book collection.

Right now, I own 7 comic book boxes (3 long, 4 short). Out of those 7 boxes, only a long box and a short box remains half-full (or half-empty). But it won’t be long until I fill those remaining boxes. Which isn’t good since I don’t have space to house another box. So, even though I loath this idea, I’ve decided to sell some of my comics to clear a bit of space.

Overall, I’ve set aside a short box and a half of books that I wanted to sell. Not all are bad books. But books that I can live without. Most of which are series that I didn’t complete, got tired of reading, duplicates and issues that I bought out of impulse. Here’s a list:

  1. SHIELD #1-6 (issues #1-4 are signed by Johnathan Hickman)
  2. Generation Hope #1-2
  3. Heroes for Hire Vol.3 #1-2
  4. Hawkeye & Mockingbird #4-6
  5. Scarlet (by Bendis) #1-2
  6. Superman #700-704
  7. Sweet Tooth #2, #4, #6-21
  8. Greek Street #1-8
  9. The Unwritten #1-17
  10. Joe the Barbarian #1-8
  11. Morning Glories #7-12
  12. Batman & Robin Vol.1  #1-20
  13. Black Summer #0-7 (#0-1 signed by Warren Ellis)
  14. The New Avengers Vol.1 #40-64
  15. The Mighty Avengers #1-36
These are just a few. I have other duplicates as well and some Zenescope comics, with nude covers signed by Billy Tucci. I don’t know how much I’d sell these comics for yet, and I don’t think I’m going to put them on eBay anytime soon. I haven’t sold anything on eBay so I have research. Failing that, I’d probably sell it a some local comic shop.
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