Re-speccing for Chakram

One of the few things I love about new computer role-playing games is the availability to re-specialize your character’s abilities.

Back then, when you screw up your character’s abilities –like investing 5 points on a crappy skill during your drunken stupor– you either have to live with it or start a new character (or get a save game editor). Now games like Dragon Age 2 and Reckoning features “re-speccing”, much like in MMORPGs, for when you mess up.

In Reckoning, I was really delighted when I found a Fateweaver, a NPC that allows you to re-specialize your character’s abilities for a price. Because, at first, I started with a sword and board warrior archetype, with some roguish skills. But when I got hold of some chakrams –which are a mage’s weapon and the funnest to use in the game– I was ready to dump my lvl. 20 character and start anew as a mage. Why? Because chakrams are really awesome. Not only they’re good for crowd control but your character looks pretty cool with it. Take a look:

So, now, my character is a equal parts warrior and wizard –with longsword and chakram specialization, summoning skills, protective spheres and other defensive boosts. He’s pretty bad-ass, really hard to kill. Did I also mention he can use chakrams now?

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