Justin Won Some Grammy’s

So, Justin won two Grammy’s tonight. No, not that teen idol Justin. But the other Justin. The one who sings better, writes better songs, writes his OWN songs, and is known to many as Bon Iver. Yeah, that Justin.

As a fan, I’m really happy for him. I also feel good for guessing that he’d win the ‘Best Alternative Music Album’ (see post here). It re-assured me that I still have a good taste in music, which means I’m still “hip”. He also won ‘Best New Artist’, which I really think is weird because his first album was released back in 2008. So, he’s really not that new. I wish Skrillex got that award instead.

On a sad note, he didn’t win the ‘Record of the Year’ for “Holocene”. But I wasn’t really expecting him to win that. Adele is just too strong, and I bet they’ll be riots everywhere if “Rolling In The Deep” didn’t win.

Also, Mastodon didn’t win the ‘Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance’ for their song “Curl of the Burl”. Foo Fighters got that award for their “White Limo”, which isn’t a bad song. It’s a bummer. But I guess Mastodon isn’t tame enough to win a Grammy (and I hope they stay that way).

Me and the Grammy’s have agreed on a couple of things this past few years. The Mars Volta won the ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ in 2009. Then, Arcade Fire won the ‘Album of the Year’ in 2011. Now, Bon Iver, who’s latest album is my favorite indie/alternative album from last year, won two Grammys. But, with Mastodon not winning anything, our relationship is still lukewarm.

Anyways, if you don’t know who Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) is, here are some of his songs from his self-titled sophomore album. Enjoy.

“Calgary” by Bon Iver

“Holocene” by Bon Iver

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4 thoughts on “Justin Won Some Grammy’s

  1. It’s a good thing you included 2 of his songs on your post. Lovely.

  2. PM says:

    syempre inisip ko kung sinong justin yun eh nagtingin ako sa Y! OMG hindi ko naman nakita si bieber haha pero si iver nakita ko. it is really interesting how the grammys feel like the olympics pagdating sa music world. 😛

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