[Music Review] Hospitality

There are plenty of reasons not to like winter. The sub-zero temperatures, the endless snow, it’s always dark and there’s nothing going on. What’s more is that the weak releases in music, games and film –that usually haunts the first quarter– makes winter even harsher. Fortunately, this year, we have Hospitality’s self-titled debut album to comfort us from the cold.

A three-piece indie guitar-pop band that hails from Brooklyn, catchy and sunny is how I would describe Hospitality’s music. Each song in their eponymous album will make you tap your foot and nod your head throughout the whole album, from the first track to the last. The guitars are very jingly-jangly and the melodies are just so catchy. But the real gem here is Amber Papini. Her vocal performance is just amazing. It’s happy and cute. But not so overly done and doesn’t sound cheesy.

Papini is also a fantastic storyteller. She can conjure vivid little scenes that will linger in your mind much longer than their melodies will. Although while her target audience are post-grad, young adults who’re trying to make it big in big cities, I still get some of the things she’s talking about: of losing your identity, making new friends and ditching old ones, being stuck at dead-end jobs, and trying to figure out what’s next while watching life pass you by.

Overall, I really enjoyed Hospitality. It’s a good record, a hospitable album to listen to during a cold weather. It will comfort you and keep you relaxed like a cool summer breeze. However, it doesn’t have enough hook to reel me in completely. Although I’m already looking forward to hear Hospitality’s future endeavors. Because they’re a very, very promising band.

Score: B

Favorite Track:
“Friends Of Friends” by Hospitality

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2 thoughts on “[Music Review] Hospitality

  1. You can also listen to “Winter Song” and “Men of Snow” by Ingrid Michaelson. ^__^

  2. PM says:

    i have yet to experience winter but i am guessing it won’t be as bad for me as it is with others. here, some do not like the rainy season because it is gloomy but i love it 🙂 this song reminds me of retro. you know, i’ve done quite a lot of reviews on my blog on books and stuff but never of music. maybe i will find one and try my hand on it because your post just inspired me to. 😛

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