50 Hours of Reckoning

I admit that my interest in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has waned a bit last week. The combat –while still pretty awesome– and the running around in its huge open-world burnt me out. Playing Mass Effect 3‘s demo also made it worse as I got excited for the upcoming game. Then, a change of scenery, I went to the region of Detyre and fell in love with Reckoning again.

Detyre is actually a crappy looking place. Compared to Dalentarth, Detyre is stark, filled with red deserts and canyons. But what’s interesting about this region is the House of Valor. The House of Valor is a gladiator’s pit. This is where the most challenging battles can be found, and also a good place to gear up and earn some experience points. I jumped up 5 levels in just a couple of hours by doing some challenges here, and also got a lot of unique gear by doing the quest line.

Now that I have a renewed vigor to play Reckoning again, I must step up my game and start doing the main and the faction quest lines before Mass Effect 3 comes out. So far, I’ve only finished the House of Ballads and the House of Valor quest lines, both have decent stories actually. R.A. Salvatore is still a pretty good writer, it seems.

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3 thoughts on “50 Hours of Reckoning

  1. Interested to hear you mention being burnt out after 50 odd hours of combat and the hugeness of the world – I haven’t picked the game up (yet, I’m sure I will at some point) primarily because I’m afraid that after spending 100+ hours with dark souls and skyrim, I’ll burn out and leave this one halfway through. Or that i’ll slog through it, but not really with the appreciation it deserves.

    Good to hear you managed to renew your interest by moving onto a new area (I’m usually toast for good once I leave a massive epic to play something new and exciting 🙂

    • Skron says:

      Hey, thanks for stopping by in here.

      Yeah, you definitely don’t want to play Reckoning after Skyrim. In Skyrim, you’ll easily lose yourself in its world because of its organic visuals –you have something pretty to look at while traveling. Reckoning’s cartoon-like graphics, while still nice to look at, isn’t really that wondrous. In fact, it’s pretty dated. So, once you soak up all of Todd McFarlane’s design, the world gets boring and travelling from point A to B can be a chore.

      Combat becomes easy too as your level gets higher. So, moving to a new region, with a different terrain and higher level enemies, solved my problem

      • I felt the graphics were a bit of a letdown too (at least, they were in the demo – thats as far as I’ve gotten, and as far as I will for the forseeable). I’m sure it was exacerbated by coming in directly from Skyrim, but it just looked a bit…rough? Dated is probably a better word, but I feel maybe there was an element of coasting on the art design, which let the actual graphical polish slip. Or possibly they made the conscious decision to de-prioritise the graphical polish and concentrate on tuning up the gameplay/mechanics instead (which would be a reasonable thing to do – in my experience, people forgive sub-excellent visuals faster than they do unbalanced gameplay or general bugginess).

        I’ll keep it on the backburner, for a rainy day when the current embarrassment of gaming riches dries up a bit. I really can’t take the risk of fantasy rpg burnout this close to diablo 3 🙂

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