Coelho Was Right

Many months ago, one of my friends carpet bombed her Facebook wall with cheesy quotes about love, which were mostly taken from Paul Coelho’s books. Annoying as it was, I couldn’t help but read the quotes and then laughed at them. But that was before I fell in love.

Then, last night, at a workplace event, I met with a good friend of mine (an older sister that I never had), whom I haven’t seen since her son’s Christening in August. We had a lengthy conversation, and some of the things she said made me remember Coelho’s quotes from my annoying friend’s Facebook wall. So, I searched for them when I got home, read them and didn’t laugh this time. It’s because Coelho was right.

Quote 1:

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

After telling her that I’m into photography, and my plans about going back to school, my friend told me that I’ve grown in just a few months. That, now, I’ve some sort of direction, and that my jokes are even less immature. She isn’t the only person to tell me that I’ve grown too. In the last few months, a couple of people had told me that as well (including some regular readers of this blog).

So, I really agree with Coelho on this one. After falling in love, and even though it’s a complicated relationship (if it can be called a relationship at all), I’m trying to do things that’ll better me as a person.

I did charity work last year. I’m exercising most days of the week. I try to take pictures when I can, as much as possible. I’m also practicing guitar every time I’m off. Even at work, I’m always laughing and has become very productive. And, for months now, never has it crossed my mind to call in sick.

Quote 2:

“The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us. And to save us.”

But the most surreal thing my friend told me last night was that, if she wasn’t talking to me, two girls would’ve approached me already. One of them is our social worker and she’s really cute (like a little Teri Hatcher).

Now, I’m not a good looking person (and I’m not ugly either). But I know I’m smart and funny, and my confidence stems from that. Unfortunately, not a lot of people didn’t know that because I don’t go out often.

But since after I fell in love, I tried to go out as much as I can to get closer to my crush. Along the way, I’ve talked to others too and most of them were surprised that I’m not a very serious person at all. I also started dressing nicely, stopped wearing my metal band shirts, and also have regular haircuts. So, I probably look more approachable now.

So, in seeking love I tried to be better and had some girls look my way. It’s flattering and I’m so full of conceit right now. But I haven’t had girls checking me out since my teens, when my band was still locally famous.

Anyways, this social worker, could be the exit I’m looking for. Or maybe she’s just another girl in an another episode of my love life? Damn, I feel like Ted from How I Met Your Mother right now.

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2 thoughts on “Coelho Was Right

  1. PM says:

    i feel like i have read this words before. which book exactly were these from? but i agree, these are both correct and i m glad that you are in the midst of an adventure. isn’t that the coolest thing ever? good luck on the social worker! 🙂

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