Saving Face

During my last post about Mass Effect 3, I complained about the game not recognizing my face code from my Mass Effect 2 save game. To my dismay, while I was able to import all of my accomplishments from Mass Effect 2, I wasn’t able to bring my own Sheperd, the one that I’ve been playing with since Mass Effect 1. So, left without any choice, I created another Sheperd from scratch.

I hate my new Sheperd, however. He doesn’t feels right. He doesn’t fit. He’s like square peg on a triangular hole. Playing the game using him makes my whole Mass Effect trilogy experience somewhat disjointed. Kinda like watching Rhodey in Iron Man 2 being played by Don Cheadle when it really should be Terrence Howard. So, even though I’ve finished a handful missions already, I still decided to trash him and look for a way to save my old Sheperd.

Apparently, this problem isn’t an isolated one. A lot of people encountered the same trouble as I did –Mass Effect 3 not recognizing face codes from Mass Effect 2 save game. Fortunately, some people were able to fix this problem. Janus Prospero from the BioWare forums is one of them. He used a utility that generates a face code from your Mass Effect 2 games, which you can then paste manually on Mass Effect 3’s creation screen. You can find the entirety of his solution here.

Anyways, here are the results from Janus’ guide.

Mass Effect 1 & 2 Sheperd:

Mass Effect 3 Sheperd, whose face code was salvaged from my Mass Effect 2 save game.

It didn’t really work a 100% for me though. My Sheperd still looks a bit different from my original one when I punched in the face code. The hair and the eye color were different. But I was able to restore him with a little bit of tweaking.

Since I was able to restore my original Sheperd, my state of disjoint have been dispelled. Now, I’m really going to enjoy this game.

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