Enlightened by Lightroom 4

Learning how to use Lightroom.

When I bought my DSLR last year, I told myself that I will learn to take good pictures using only my camera and eschew any kind of image editing. While I have nothing against post-processing photos, the reasons why I forgo using it is because: (a) the software is expensive; and (b) I’m just lazy to do it/learn it.

When my friend (who’s a professional photographer) knew of my reasons, he recommended Adobe Lightroom to me. He told me that it’s cheap and it’s easy to learn. So, I did some research on it and found out that the beta version of Lightroom 4 was available for free. Since it was a good opportunity for me to try the product for free, I signed up and downloaded the beta version right away.

I’ve never used any post-processing/image editing software in my life. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did use Photoshop 5.0, once or twice, back in 1998. I also use IrfranView (version 4.20) to crop my pictures for this blog. But that’s it. I don’t know, or haven’t done, any post-processing at all. But Lightroom 4 was easy. I was able to figure it out right away. I’m still no expert. But, for the most part, I know how to make it work.

I love its before & after split screens.

What’s more is that I actually enjoy editing my photos. Time flies by when I’m post-processing the images I just took. At first, I thought this would be tedious work. But it’s not. Then again, I’m not doing a lot to my images. Just a little touch ups like adjusting exposure, improving clarity and reducing noise. That kind of stuff. It’s easy to do it too. Especially when you have a lot of nifty tools like the before & after screens.

Lightroom 4 Beta changed my mind about post-processing –that it’s not hard, and quite fun too. Plus, at $150, Lightroom is also affordable compared to most post-processing software in the market right now. Lightroom 4 is also out now. But I’m gonna wait until my beta expires before I go out and buy it.

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One thought on “Enlightened by Lightroom 4

  1. i love lightroom. i’m beginning to learn it too.

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