A Weekend of Comics and Craziness

The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo in its third year.

C2E2 (Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) 2012 marks my fifth year as a comics convention attendee. So, I’m not a comic-con newbie anymore. While not quite the veteran yet, I was able to maneuver the convention grounds more smoothly and efficiently. I haven’t encountered any pitfalls that plagued my first comic-con experience (which was Wizard World Chicago 2008) at all, like getting lost, getting financially raped, and arriving late on signings.

Digging for comics.

I managed to meet a lot of writers and artists this time, more than I did during the previous years. But, since I was carrying photography equipment, I didn’t bring a lot of comics with me. 15 issues were the most that I could bring. Still, I was able to get them signed. The first signing I fell in line with was Scott Snyder’s. I love this guy’s work. I also found out and bought a hardcover of his work, Severed. I haven’t heard of this book. But if it’s his, and it’s horror, then it’s bound to be good.

Captain America: First Avengers auction. I didn't stick around to bid.

Bill Willingham, I also met for the third time. He was at The Hero Initiative’s booth, a non-for-profit organization that helps comic book creators that are in need. He has no line going on. But since he was signing for charity, I thought I’d look like an ass if I ask him to sign my copies of Fables and Fairest without giving them money. So, I donated $20 to them. It felt good. For true.

After I got my signings done, I had more than enough time to scour the artists’ alley for my first art commission. Commissioning sketches isn’t my thing. But since I have a blank variant of Wolverine and the X-Men #1, which DCBS sent me by mistake, I thought I’d try it. Looking for the right artist was hard. After all, there were 400 of them. It took me about an hour and a half before I found Chris Hamer/Urbnpop. This guy’s art just pops out. I fell in love them right away.

Chris Hamer of Urbnpop, holding my commissioned blank variant cover of Wolverine and the X-Men #1.

I paid $60 for a colored torso of Logan, which is cheaper than most. It took a while though, and I have to get it the next day because he didn’t want to smear the lines when he puts in the color. But I was ecstatic when I saw it. It turned out better than I hoped. While it’s not as articulate and refined, it’s very unique and full of character. Now, I think I want to commission some more artwork.

The whole day Saturday was mostly spent shopping around, looking at toys, and taking pictures. I spent a total of $125 this time, which was more compared to last year. $60 for the art commision, $20 for The Hero Initiative donation, and $20 for the hardcover of Severed. My last $25 was spent at Archaia’s booth. From them I bought Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard and Critical Millenium. Both books were signed by the writers right then and there.

Looking at some awesome CS Moore statues. These things are expensive.

Taking photographs of cosplayers and random things was a bit of a fail for me. It was pretty damn hard to take a good shot with a 50mm prime lens. Especially since the place was packed. There’s people from wall to wall. It was hard for me to move back on a crowded aisle to properly frame my subject(s). Still, I got a few good shots of cosplayers. But I’ll make a separate post for that.

Fun, crazy cosplayers.

Like the others that came before it, I enjoyed this year’s C2E2. As always, ReedPop did an excellent job with the organization. There were restrooms, food stalls, seating areas and ATMs everywhere. They even have a shuttle service that runs on Chicago’s key locations, every 20 minutes. The convention grounds was well mapped out too, one of the reasons I never got lost. Heck, they even have speed dating. I should try that one next year.

Parting shot. Bronze statue of Lady Death.

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4 thoughts on “A Weekend of Comics and Craziness

  1. interesting photo story 🙂

  2. gillboard says:

    did you get to join the panels? like amazing spiderman or avx or the dc ones?

    i’m a bit jealous because i onlly read about these kind of things.


    • Skron says:

      I never really go on panels. They’re usually packed and you can get the news online anyways. I just usually spend my time lining for signings.

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