C2E2 2012: The Cosplayers

C2E2 2012 was bit different for me. Because, unlike previous conventions, this was my first time attending as a photography hobbyist. So, I was not only there for comics but also for pictures. And who are the best photo subjects in a comics convention other than the costume players?

Unfortunately, there were a truckload of bad cosplayers who were at C2E2 this weekend. So, finding the hot, good looking, kick ass and awesome cosplayers was a bit of challenge for me. Not to mention the convention grounds was also very crowded. Still, I managed to snag a couple of shots. Here are some.

Beer Can Armored Heroes!

The hottest Catwoman cosplayer I've laid my eyes upon. Mee-yow!

Zatanna, and I'm spellbound.

Gotham City Sirens. They're the cutest trio I've seen in C2E2.

The Rocketeer.

Black Cat. Another cute cat on latex.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

The Skrulls. Too bad I couldn't frame the entire group

Poison Ivy. I'd kiss her. But she's poisonous...and VIP.

Blade and The Punisher. These guys are bad-ass.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. And thanks to all of those who posed for me!

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2 thoughts on “C2E2 2012: The Cosplayers

  1. Rick says:

    Great photos. The cosplayers were amazing. I saw this Batman & Batgirl team at the DC booth, and wow. They put the movie costumes to shame. I thought the overall quality of costumes was much better than previous years, but I think that’s because cosplaying is become more of a dedicated hobby for some than just something a comic book enthusiast throws together.

  2. gillboard says:

    i loved the catwoman from the sirens more than the catwoman you liked. but i think black cat was the hottest. 🙂

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