A Detour to Lilacia Park

As an inexperienced train rider from the suburbs to the city, I always mess up the schedule and kept missing the trains. It happened to me again this morning, that’s twice this month now. But since I was in no real hurry, and I have an hour before the next train, I decided to walk in the park nearby the station to snap some photos. But what I thought would be a mediocre photo walk turned out to be pretty grand. This park, called Lilacia Park, was just filled with colorful and odorous flowers.

Anyways, here are some shots that I took:

These flowers are called Bright Parrot. And, no, they don't talk.

The yellow ones are called West Points, and the purple ones are Mariettes.

Some Lilacs, of course. What's a Lilacia Park without Lilacs?

The Dordognes (red) and Maureens (white), I think. Not sure. Not a florist or a botanist.

Spring Green. Although they look quite white to me, not green.

Uhm...yellow flowers.

I don't know what flowers are these. But they're pretty.

The best things do happen when not expected. My quick detour to Lilacia Park is a case in point. It was probably the best photowalk I had since I became a photography hobbyist. I do hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

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One thought on “A Detour to Lilacia Park

  1. It’s easy to take pictures of flowers. But yours look really good, especially that of the Dordognes and Maureens. Pang-wallpaper. ^__^

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