[Music Review] De Vermis Mysteriis

While I listen to different kinds of music, I always prefer the ones that aren’t overproduced and have meaty riffs. To simply put it, I love sludge/southern/stoner metal. Lucky for me that, during these past years, we have an abundance of bands that sounded right up my alley. Outfits like Baroness and Torche have been on my playlist for years now. And High On Fire? They sit on the top of that playlist.

I discovered High On Fire back in 2002, when they released Surrounded By Thieves. During that time, nu-metal still dominated the scene –saturating the airwaves with their abandonment issues. So, when I heard HOF’s no bullshit, crushing sounds, I liked them right away, and my love for them grew the following years. Especially when they released Death Is This Communion and Snakes For The Divine, two of my favorite HOF albums.

Now, three years after the release of ‘Snakes’, High On Fire is back with De Vermis Mysteriis. Not much has changed with HOF’s sound. But the new album is a bit of a step backwards from ‘Snakes’. Still, they deliver that no bullshit, crushing sounds that I love them for. Everything in this album, from the front to the back, is hard as a wall of bricks. Only the “Interlude”, an instrumental track with an awesome guitar solo, will give you a brief respite from all the headbanging.

Nowadays, it’s a bit of a trend for bands to re-imagine their trademarks. So, I’m glad that High On Fire doesn’t gamble and sticks to what they know best: sludgy sounds and meaty riffs. And it works too. I mean, 6 albums after, all of which sounds a bit the same. Yet, here I am, still can’t get enough of their music, still wanting more of it.

Score: B+  

Favorite Track:
“Madness Of An Architect”

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