[Film Review] The Avengers

When Marvel announced The Avengers movie back in 2008, I had my doubts that the film would work. A movie about a team of superheroes was just too big even for the silver screen. I was afraid that the characters will be underdeveloped or the story will be too convoluted. But, I was wrong. After I saw The Avengers last night, Joss Whedon and Marvel achieved what I thought was almost impossible.

The Avengers is a superhero team whose members includes Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor. So, my main concern was that these four big superheroes wouldn’t fit in one movie. But thanks to Marvel’s “The Road to The Avengers” campaign, in which they tied five of their superhero movies (Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger), and lay the groundwork for the big film, they were able to skip telling the characters’ origins and dive right into a new story.

For a title as big as The Avengers, I was expecting a lot from it. But Whedon handled it pretty well, met those expectations, and then some. There was never a dull moment in the movie. The action scenes, which ranges from no holds barred melee to aerial dogfights, were superb. There’s also a surprising amount of humor in the film. While delivered in small doses, their timing and placement were excellent –meaning it happens when and where you least expect it.

Whedon also balanced the character moments stupendously. All the characters, well, the heroes at least, got equal face time in the movie. No head stood taller than the rest (figuratively speaking, of course). The acting was also superb, as expected from a group talented cast. Robert Downey Jr. has grown quite comfortable in playing Tony Stark. The same goes to rest of the cast. But Mark Rufallo shone the brightest. He really gave character to Bruce Banner as a nerd who is silently angry.

The Avengers movie is kind of a big deal. To me, at least. A superhero team movie this big, graceful and good is not only an accomplishment but also a testament that films like this can be done. So, I’m really hoping that DC and Warner Bros. are taking down some notes. Because I really hope to see a JLA movie, a good JLA movie, one day. But that could take years. Now, I’m just looking forward to see Th***s getting beat up by The Hulk in The Avengers 2.

Score: A

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2 thoughts on “[Film Review] The Avengers

  1. gillboard says:

    It pisses me off that they added a new scene at the end of the credits. But still a great movie. 🙂

    • Skron says:

      You didn’t see the scene at the end? Your fault, man. I know you know that Marvel always put something after the credits roll.

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