Instagram Frenzy

Last year, my G2 Android phone got drenched on a thunderstorm. It still works, however, except its SD card reader got broken. So, it can’t store files or take pictures anymore.

But, today, after I found out that Instagram is now available for Android, I decided to “fix” my phone and installed the app. Lo and behold, my phone can take pictures again. I didn’t really touch anything. It just started working again. Which is cool. Because my biggest obstacle on my project 366 is not having a small, walk-around camera. I can’t take my DSLR with me everywhere, or discreetly take pictures with it. That’s why I end up posting boring item shots on my blog.

This is really awesome, and I enjoy using Instagram as well. Sure, it doesn’t take sharp pictures like my DSLR does. But I can take pictures without making other people freak out.

Anyways, here are some pictures taken during my Instagram frenzy.

I got a haircut today.

The ceiling of Sweet Tomato, a buffet where their selections are just salads.

Cut out flies hovering above a Children’s playground.


A jade rabbit at Pier Imports.

There it is. I’m totally addicted to Instagram now. So, when able, I’ll probably gonna get a new phone with a better camera. The new HTC One seems pretty cool. But I can’t afford that right now. But, stay tuned for more Instagram frenzy.


2 thoughts on “Instagram Frenzy

  1. andydugay says:

    i find your pictures cool! what’s your android username so i can follow too. 🙂

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