The Frugal Gamer (and the Overhauling of Skron 3.0)

I know that I’ve scarcely written an entry in here these past few months. But I’m not on hiatus. It’s just I started a new blog last May, The Frugal Gamer. Like all new blogs, it needed a lot of content to be able to stand on its feet. So, during its first months, I devoted most of my time there.

The reason why I started The Frugal Gamer was because of the MMO Newbie Bloggers Initiative. It’s an initiative that was spearheaded by veteran and popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) bloggers, whose purpose is to help new and struggling MMO bloggers. Since I’ve been blogging in the dark for 5 years now, I jumped at this opportunity for the exposure it’ll bring me. So, now, I’m getting more than 100 readers/day on my gaming blog.

As for the fate of this blog, Skron 3.0. Well, I’m not so sure yet. Part of me wants to deconstruct this blog –delete all the personal posts and turn it into a home where my non-nerdy side can write about music, photography and literature. Except that I value all of my personal posts here. Through them, I’ve seen my growth. Through them, I could experience being in love again. Not that I’m not in love with the girl anymore. Holy shit. I’m in love with her now as much as I did exactly a year ago. So, my second plan is to start another blog.

The reason being why I’m so intent on starting a music, photography and literature blog was because I almost became a contributor for Pitchfork overnight. Pitchfork, man! A friend of mine knows the website photographer, who was looking for a writer to recap events for them during their festival (which I did). Since she knew that I blog (but don’t know where my blog is), she asked me if I could. I wanted to say, “Yes, I’ll do it!”, of course. But I know that my writing ain’t Pitchfork material. So, since that time, I’ve been planning to up my writing and photography, and become something like a photo/culture blogger here in Chicago. I’ll cover various events: small gigs to music festivals, and book fairs to comics conventions. I know this sounds very ambitious (and time consuming). But I really want to give it a shot.

As for now though, I’ve plenty of things on my mind. There’s school, work, other writing ideas, and unrequited love. I’ll make it happen though. I just don’t know when. But, one of these days, I’ll have a professional blog about Chicago concernts, festivals, comics conventions and book fair.


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