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What’s Missing in A Game of Thrones?

Arya Stark training with Syrio Forel, The First Sword of Braavos

Season two of A Game of Thrones (aka A Clash of Kings) was aired last Sunday. Unfortunately, since I can’t afford to pay an HBO subscription, I’ll just have to miss the entire show. Downloading the torrent isn’t an option for me either. Because my internet service provider is Comcast, who limits torrent traffic and also sends out piracy warnings if you download a certain movie or TV show.

This was also the case with me during season one. I was a bit left out while everyone else was talking about this awesome show called A Game of Thrones, even though I was already a fan of The Song of Ice and Fire saga before it landed on the TV.

But, as a fan, who read the books years prior to the show, and knowing that it’s too huge for a 10-hour season, I have something that these TV greenhorns don’t: Details. And I was right.

Not to besmirch the work of HBO on A Game of Thrones though. I just finished watching the entire season one on Blu-Ray, and I think they really did an excellent job. All of the essential parts that makes this saga so good are there. But, like I said, the book is just too huge. So, some of its details got lost in its adaptation to the screen.

So, what’s missing in HBO’s A Game of Thrones? Well here are some that I missed. They’re not essential to the story, but they add color.

1. Where are the history flashbacks?
One of the best things I love about A Game of Thrones is its rich history. So, I was really expecting a lot flashbacks on the show, like when Lyanna’s died or the battle of Rhaegar and Robert at the Trident. But, no. There were no flashbacks. The histories in the show were only mentioned in passing.

2. Where are the huge fights?
For a TV show that was based on book with lots of war, the huge battles here are almost non existent. I was really looking forward to see Tyrion swing a battleaxe during the Battle of the Green Fork. But, no, HBO has to knock him out instead.

3. Where are the damn direwolves? 
The direwolves should be, at all times, beside the Stark children. But they’re not, however, and only appear (from out of nowhere) whenever they need to bite someone. It is disappointing.

4. Where’s the Blackfish, Brynden Tully? 
Brynden Tully is also missing from the story. While his character is not essential, he’s Catelyn Stark’s uncle and screened Robb Stark’s advance against Jaime Lannister. If they can add fingering prostitutes in the season, why can’t they add him? (Because he doesn’t have boobs. That’s why.)

5. Where’s Thoros of Myr?
Thoros of Myr is even a minor character than Brynden Tully. But Ros, the red-headed whore that everyone fucks in season one, didn’t even exist in the book! A red priest who lights his sword on fire before battle deserves a spot on this show!

6. Where’s Cersei’s Boobs?
Cersei did a lot of fucking in the books. And yet they’re showing fingering prostitutes instead of Cersei’s Boobs?

So, these are the few things I missed seeing in A Game of Thrones TV adaptation. But it’s understandable why they weren’t included. The cost of the production would be too high. As it is, I think it’s already an expensive TV show, with casts like Sean Bean. What more if they include every character in the book? Like I said, they’re not an integral part of the story, just flairs that made the books so great. As long as they got Bronn, Tyrion, Arya and Syrio Forrel right, which they did, I’m happy.

Oh, a little factoid: The actress that played Tyrion’s whore, Shae, was a former pornstar under the name Dilara.

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The Return of Beavis and Butt-Head

Before the internet got really interesting, MTV was a big part of my life during the early to mid 90’s. If I’m not doing anything, then I’m mostly glued to the that channel watching music videos. I’ve also watched their other programs like Liquid Television and Oddities, two animation showcases that featured segments like Aeon Flux, The Maxx, and Beavis and Butt-Head.

Beavis and Butt-Head was, of course, my favorite segment. It was about two stupid kids who were stuck to their couches, watching music videos (like most kids at that time), and giving snarky, idiotic remarks on them. It was the funniest animated show at that time. Unfortunately, it was canceled sometime in ’97. Soon after, MTV stopped showing music videos and started airing those horrendous reality shows.

Surprisingly, 14 years after its cancellation, MTV has decided to bring Beavis and Butt-Head back. While unnecessary, since we already have a lot of funny and idiotic animated shows, Beavis and Butt-Head still has a slot on my meager “TV time”. Partly because of nostalgia and partly because MTV itself isn’t safe from Beavis and Butt-Head.

On last night’s premiere episode, Butt-Head suggested that 16 and Pregnant would be: “[…]a better show if they, like, showed them actually getting pregnant[…]” That was probably my favorite part of the episode. The two of them also took a shot at other MTV shows like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore and True Life. Other pop icons like Twilight and The Bachelor weren’t safe from their snarky criticism as well.

Beavis and Butt-Head has never changed. They’re still wearing their AC/DC and Metallica shirts. They’re still the same slackers who are trying to score. So, kids these days might not appreciate them. Because, like I said, there are a lot of funnier and even more idiotic cartoons that are on air these days. But, if you loved them during your teen years, then you’ll still love them the way you did before.

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The Dead Walks

The Walking Dead is not only my favorite comic book, but it’s also my favorite TV show. In fact, it is the only reason why I still watch television. Unfortunately, the first season was only 6 episodes long. So, I’ve been anticipating for its return for almost a year now.

Although, I have to say, I’ve been anxious to see of how the series will hold up after Frank Darabont, the writer and director who’s responsible for season one’s success, got fired. But, after watching the first episode, “What Lies Ahead”, I’m confident that The Walking Dead won’t be canceled anytime soon.

While I won’t go into any details, “What Lies Ahead” pretty much sums up The Walking Dead. The episode has horror, drama, gore and some shock factors as well. The ending, especially, was very shocking for me.

As a fan of the graphic novel, what I love about this episode is that its story has deviated so much from the comics but stayed faithful to its themes. So, I still get that horror survival/drama which separates The Walking Dead from the rest of the zombie herd. But it also kept me in suspense because I don’t know what will happen next anymore.

The Walking Dead kicked off its season 2 with a pretty solid episode. I’m pretty sure the show is still going to maintain that same quality of entertainment it gave us in season one.

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