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[Music Review] Attack On Memory

I haven’t heard of Cloud Nothings’ prior works to be too impressed with their latest album, Attack On Memory, which is said to be a departure from their former sound and hailed by many as their best work. But, nevertheless, the album colored me impressed, making it the first best music of 2012.

An attack on your memory is not what Attack On Memory really means to do. Because, even though Baldi (the frontman) screams “No nostalgia” on the track “No Sentiment“, I can’t help but remember the mid-90’s and feel nostalgic about the time when I discovered bands like Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate and Rites of Spring, post-hardcore and early emo bands who’re more angrier, punkier and less whinier than the 00’s emo bands.

It’s also an honest album, something that I haven’t heard of in a while. The instruments, the quality of its recording, the lyrics and Baldi’s vocals sounds very sincere. The drums are loud as hell. The guitars sounds crunchy as hell. The lo-fi quality of the recording, which seems almost free of post-processing, makes the album so alive. If you play it loud enough, it’ll also make you feel the band is playing inside your room. Baldi’s lyrics are also very catchy. Sure, it’s a bit juvenile, and his angsty vocals makes it even moreso. But for a 20-year old like him, it rings true.

Cloud Nothings’ Attack On Memory did what Yuck’s self-titled album did to me last year: feed my growing nostalgia for 90’s music. While Yuck made me buy mp3 albums by Pavement and Guided by Voices, Attack On Memory sent me digging for my Fugazi albums to be digitized and uploaded into my iPod. But there’s nothing new to it, however. It’s just an old tune revived by a new band. But, boy, they got it right.

Score: B+

Favorite Track:
Fall In” by Cloud Nothings

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