So, I survived Extra Life’s 24 hour gaming marathon!

I actually thought it was going to be a breeze doing it but it wasn’t. I kept dozing off in front of my computer around 4 am (the 18th hour) and dying at around 8 am. Between that time and 11 am (I have to work overtime to finish Dragon Age 2), I probably drank 7 cups of coffee. That’s why I’m up until now.

Overall, I played 3 games. Here’s a quick recap:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 4 hours
My initial plan was to finish this game, without killing anyone (to earn the “Pacifist” achievement), in one sitting. Armed with a stun gun, I was doing great with non-lethal takedowns. But I remembered using a rifle to kill soldiers at the tutorial. Then, after a quick Google search, I found out that killing soldiers at the tutorial will disqualify you for the Pacifist achievement. So, I lost my will to finish the game and stopped.

Civilization V – 10 hours
After Deus Ex, I switched to Civilization V. Because I know this game won’t bore me, and it didn’t. I played one game, on a very big map, at a standard pace, against 8 AI opponents. It took me 10 hours to finish that one. But I didn’t even notice the time, it just flew by. Plus, I earned 5 achievements.

Dragon Age 2 – 11 hours
Then, after Civ5, I decided to play Dragon Age 2 since I haven’t been giving it the attention it needs. Surprisingly, I managed to finish the game. Although, I have to put in an extra hour to do so. It is a good game, actually. Not The Witcher: Assassins of Kings or Deus Ex: Human Revolution kind of good. But it’s still good. I’ll write a review about it soon.

Unfortunately, I didn’t raise enough money. Just $20. But the team I joined, Gaiscioch, which is also my guild in Warhammer and Rift, raised $7,440! So, we made it into the top 12!

Still, I’m proud of myself. Playing games for 24 hours and earning $20 for charity is good. I’ll definitely do this again next year and will tell more people about it.

Now, I have to get some sleep.

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One thought on “Survived!

  1. M says:

    Tapos na pala! If i should have read this earlier, i might be able to help.

    On the other hand, i only have one word to describe you – GEEK! Haha! Kidding. 🙂

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